Kate grew up in Maine and graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in History in 1989.  She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from American University in 1999. 


After 7 years as an itinerant Navy wife who worked at the Citadel's College Counseling Center in Charleston and as a Life Coach in Washington State,  Kate was eager to settle down in NH in 2009 and return to her work as a Psychotherapist.   As a Life Coach, she was highly regarded by Oprah's collaborator and best selling author, Martha Beck (http://www.marthabeck.com/).  Kate brings the same gifts and a coaching attitude to her work as a therapist. 


"Kate is wise, focused, spirited, pragmatic and driven.  She brings a wealth of varied expertise and experience to her life coaching practice.  If I were choosing my own life coach, I would love to work with Kate.  She'll take you step by step to your north star, and you'll never find a better guide or traveling companion."     Martha Beck





Positive Psychology:  http://.authentichappiness.org

Mindfullness Exerciseshttp://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22